Three Things To Do With Old TVs When They Croak

old tvs Three Things To Do With Old TVs When They CroakEach of my choices have some validity to them. After all, there are many people who think that you should repair an item until it is absolutely no longer functional. Then there are some who would say that I’ve a long enough time with my current television, and that after a decade I should probably just get a new one. The last option is my least favorite of the lot; even though I don’t watch a lot, or even pay for premium cable it’s still nice to do nothing for a little while and zone out. Plus, I can’t even watch movies if it doesn’t work at all.

I should probably add one small fact: it’s the only television I own. I don’t have one in the bedroom which I can move out to the living room (I already have enough distractions–I don’t need more of a reason not to go to sleep at night!)

What will I end up doing? I honestly have no idea at this point. For now, I think I’ll leave it as is. There isn’t any reason to waste the money on a new bulb if I decide a week later to get a new one, and I may not even find one that I both like from a quality standpoint and want to spend the necessary amount of money on.

How do you make the decision to repair or replace a product? What is your preferred time frame for upgrading household items such as electronics and appliances?

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